My name is Guneet Sahai & I’m a Java Developer based out of Gurgaon (India) working towards my goals. An Engineering graduate from IIT Roorkee (class of 1999), I have enjoyed working at startups since 1999 and am now addicted to them.

guneetI’m currently responsible for technology at Mettl, which is a powerful online assessment platform for hiring, training & contests. I joined them in May 2012 and have been since enjoying working with the ever increasing team there.

Previously besides other organization, I have worked as a freelance software engineer (Why?) in various roles (From Architect to Developer) & have also taken a shot at entrepreneurship. Since I have spent so much time at startups, I think I have now been *institutionalized* by them.

I’m passionate about developing software. My experience has been mostly in developing back-end pieces that are often not visible. I get my kicks out of writing thread safe code that performs well at high loads. Most of my experience has been in working with product development organizations where one gains more depth in knowledge as compared to width (due to constant improvements required in the product).

Mostly my experience has been with Java, but more recently I have tried my hand at other technologies as well – PHP, C#, Apex (Salesforce Application development). After coding in these languages I don’t think that programming language is a barrier for me any more.

To know more about me – please visit my linked in page. If you wish to get in touch with me, please use the form here.

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