Hello World

This being my first post ever, it makes sense to introduce my self. This post intends to provide this introduction & also would also give an idea on what to expect in my future posts. Read on ……

Who am I

My name is Guneet. An engineer by degree with around 8 years of professional experience (at the time of writing this) in building software products. Hold a B.E. in Electrical Engineering from IIT Roorkee (which was earlier known as University of Roorkee). Have worked in 3 start-up organizations in different roles, developing products with Java Programming Language.

A happily married man, father to two children settled along with my parents in Gurgaon, India. Born in New Delhi (India) I have spent most of my 31 years of life in New Delhi. I have been living in Gurgaon since last three years and plan to settle down here now.

Why am I writing this Blog

I’m no blogger & I’m certainly not important enough for my writing to be read by others. In short, I’m not writing this for others to read (but if you are reading this, then I have nothing against it – please go ahead). I believe writing this would force me to introspect some aspects of my-self & come out with simple answers to simple questions that recently confronted me. In other words, I’m doing this to crystallize some my thoughts.

I keep dreaming (with my eyes wide open) about things & keep thinking about my dreams, but unfortunately these remain as thoughts which come and go & do not translate into actions. Through this blog, I also intend to capture these thoughts and to act on them otherwise dreams would remain what they are & would lose their significance.

You might wonder that I could have captured these thoughts in a word document and my goal would have been met – then why Blog? I actually thought about this and decided against it. Reason(s)

a) I would at some stage question the usefulness of this practice. A word Document would be much easier to ignore (even with good content) than a Blog.

b) Within hearts of heart, I want the world to know about my dreams/thoughts.

Being a father to two & having a role in the work place that requires more than 100% of my time, it doesn’t leave me with a lot of time (like all others around me) to blog. Therefore, the frequency of my posts would be irregular. In certain period of time you might find a couple of posts in short span, while I might be missing on this front for a long time at some other time. I guess this would be the usual & typical to most bloggers.

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