Tracking Tech Startups

Sometime ago, I started making a note of every product startup company I heard about in the NCR region. I wanted to know more about what these companies are doing & how are they going about it. I enjoyed this so much that I added some notes about these organizations in a spread-sheet document. Later I realized, that this was very useful information for anyone & which is not readily available on the web. So I decided to put this on my blog for the benefits of all others. In fact this was also one of the reasons at the back of my mind – for starting this Blog.

If you are wondering why I was collecting this information; here’s the answer. Every couple of months I used to get into this mode of “I want to start my own venture”. Unfortunately I don’t think I’m ready yet to start on my own – but I’m very keen on learning from what other startups have been doing. The idea there (perhaps) is to learn from these companies and hopefully apply this knowledge in future to other startup that I get associated with. Another reason why I started looking into this data was that one a friend commented that startups don’t work well in Delhi/NCR. I disagreed as I didn’t see (and still don’t see) any logic behind this. To prove my point, I started collecting this information.

I will be posting information about some of these product based startups in NCR in my next set of posts. The information that I’ll post is gathered from various public channels (blogs, web-sites etc) but might be stale. I would encourage [ex-]employees from these companies (if they come across this blog) to point out mistakes & improve the content in any way they can think would be more beneficial to readers.

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