About Me

My Name is Guneet Sahai & I’m a Freelance Software Developer based out of Gurgaon (India), working towards my goals. An engineering graduate from IIT Roorke – class of 1999, I’m also a co-founder for chahiye.info which is a portal that intends to offer bouquet of services.

am just another Techie from IIT [Roorkee], who has enjoyed working at Startups since 1999 & is now addicted to them.

I’m passionate about developing software. My experience has been mostly in developing back-end pieces that are often not visible. I get my kicks out of writing thread safe code that performs well at high loads. I have always been working at small startups throughout my career and I love that so much that I don’t think I will be able to work in a larger established co. now

I’m a happily married man, father to two children settled along with my parents in Gurgaon, India. Born in New Delhi (India) I have spent most of my 31 years of life in New Delhi. I have been living in Gurgaon since last three years and plan to settle down here now.

You can reach me on email at guneetsahai at yahoo dot com

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