Tyroo (http://www.tyroo.com) is an internet advertising network based out of New Delhi. Commercially launched in June 2006, it is incubated by the Smile Interactive Technology Group (SITG) – which also has some other successful companies (Quasar Media, Creons, Zoomtra, Zumtra & StudioSmile) also under its hood.

With 1000+ publishers (web-sites) already using their services Tyroo seems to be doing a great job. One reason for this could be innovative services that Tyroo is bringing in to the on-line advertising space. For example – they recently started an SMS initiative that would allow a consumer to send an SMS online to the ad publisher. This would be of immense benefit to Indian SMEs who do not have web-sites yet.

The core technology platform on which the product is based has been developed in-house which provides Tyroo an edge over competition in India. Both Java & .NET technologies are being used in building the platform.

Useful Links

http://amitsempire.blogspot.com/ [Blog of Amit Chabra (Tyroo’s Public Relations Manager)]

http://www.itvidya.com/blog/sitg & http://www.itvidya.com/user/sitg [Blog from user name SITG – provides useful information about SITG]

Linked-in Profile of Aditya Khanna (Business Head Tyroo)

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