Cobaan is a Gurgaon Based startup with ReviewGist as its flagship product. The Company is co-founded by Nishant Soni (IIT Guwahati CS Alumni). Other principal members include Anubhav Dhawan (NSIT Alumni).

ReviewGist (in public beta phase) as the name suggests gives the Gist of reviews from various sources for a product that a consumer might be interested in. The end-user interface is fairly simple to use and search produces just the right amount of details for a product. Though, it might turn out to be a good & useful web-site but the down-side here is that it is targeted for the US market.

The work “encompasses” a portion of Web 2.0 & also involves “Semantic Search”. If you have any experience with NLP (Natural Language Processing) & Semantic Search – Cobaan might be very interested in you. They are also looking for Java/JSP/Java Script Engineers. Compensation/Benefits include – Food, Stay & Beer & the company seems to follow open work culture with flexible timings. Sound like a good place to work at – Doesn’t it?

For more Information – send email to or submit your query/suggestion/feedback to Cobaan at

Further Reading

  • Check out this link at wikipedia to get started with “Semantic Search” Concepts.

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