End of Employment

Today was my last day at Gisil; After ~9 years finally I have quit my job to set up my own business.

I’m really excited about the new world that I’m walking into. This new world that brings with it a lot of challenges & uncertainties. For example, when I wake up on monday, I don’t even know where to sit and work – to find a work environment is the first challenge. The next one being setting up a legal entity to allow me to do business in my country; Finding enough work for myself is also not going to be easy. There are many more challenges that are hiding there waiting to get discovered.

The fact that I have no idea on how to solve some of these issues is definitely a cause of concern, but at the same time, I know the amount of pleasure that I’m going to derive out of scaling each one of these issues in the coming days. This pleasure of winning the game after being labeled as an under-dog (I don’t have any partner in my venture, which is why a lot of people think that what I’m doing is insane) is what is going to drive me to perform.

One thought on “End of Employment

  1. Hi,

    Fortune favors the brave. You will succeed, All the best.

    Also, till you don’t approach 10 Lakhs rupees as a revenue and till point you don’t sell any product a simple current account in name of your company is enough. Simply, you don’t have to register till that point ! Of course, I am talking about proprietorship which you said you will be doing. Good part of being proprietary is – you and your company are synonymous – you don’t need any separate pan card for your company. File a single return at the end of year ( and save money !). Ask customer to

    The downside of proprietorship is that you are liable for the losses made by the company, which is not the case in “Company”. We also have Limited Liability Setups (the way LLCs are in U.S.) but how much taxes they are exposed are not yet clear. Wait for that and you may want to move to that sorta model.


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