One month of freelancing

Its almost a month since I quit my job and the journey so far hasn’t been bad. Some highlights

  • Managed to find a work area for myself in Udyog Vihar Gurgaon. It’s a single seat in a BPO kind office but is peaceful. The office provides decent intenet connectivity, is not too far from home & is not very expensive. Find my office Address at “Contact Me” section on my website here.
  • Got a brand new DELL laptop to work on (the fact that prices of the model fell a week after I bought was the only disappointing thing about the deal).
  • Raised my first Invoice to a company that I spent 2 weeks working with. These guys are again a startup working in travel industry. Interesting bunch of people who liked my work. I enjoyed working for them too. Talks are in progress for longer duration project with them.
  • Worked on a mini project in C# (my first exposure to .NET world) – The client appreciated my work and I expect to do business in near future with him.
  • Managed to clear my mind of all apprehensions regarding starting up. Two months ago, my mind used to come up with all sorts of questions like a) How am I going to pay my EMI if I quit my job b) How will I find work for myself etc etc. Now that I have actually quit and have to fend for myself, these questions don’t reallybother me any more. Perhaps my mind has stopped treating them as threatand is now treating them as problems which can be solved & at the moment I’m sure I’ll figure out the answers.

This IMO has been the biggest achievement
of this month not sure how I managed it though 🙂

  • Interfacing with a lot of interesting people (entrepreneurs & techies) who are able to connect & relate with what I’m doing.

Now Some negatives

  • Didn’t meet my target – Despite the fact that I got paid for some work items, I didn’t meet the target that I had set for myself at the start of the month but What the heck – this is my first month !!!!!!!!!
  • I’m yet to figure out a long term strategy for myself. I know for sure that quiting a regular job and starting up independently was the right decision for me (the fact that I’m enjoying my work more now is a proof of that) but where do I want to go from here is something that I hope to figure out soon in the coming months.

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