Momo Delhi – 5th meet

Spent last Saturday in 5th MOMO Delhi Meet held at Perot Systems Noida. MOMO is an acronym for Mobile Monday started as a casual meet of mobile enthusiasts. Read more about Delhi Chapter of the same here. This post talks about my first experience with MOMO meet. Read on …..

The venue was awesome with free snacks through out the day (courtesy Perot Systems). Despite the chilly weather, around 50 people turned up. The group consisted mostly of mobile enthusiasts, though a few entrepreneurs also managed to take out time from their schedule to attend as well – overall a good mix of audience. Unlike the Bar Camp last month, the talks were not Developer oriented but I personally got introduced to some interesting facts & products.

Some of the sessions that I liked were

Lokesh – CEO of mobisoc presented his product; Mitr which is a product suit that allows adding interesting services on a mobile phone. The demo of the product involved searching and adding services like those of PVR Cinemas, ICICI Bank, etc. The UI looked good and was pretty fast on the N95 that Lokesh was carrying.

Chirag Jain, VP of webaroo gave a presentation on his product smsgupshup – A Free Group SMS solution. The slides besides introducing the product itself went a step ahead and explained the strategy/focus of his organization “To get the customer” first – Money in his opinion would follow. Personally I agree with Chirag and hope that his product would prove him right. I checked out smsgupshup and found it to be a pretty useful service. Hope to spend more time on it and become a publisher there.

The other talk that I found interesting was that from Shekhar C (Tensor Technologies) on Meghdoot – which is a tool that allows sending SMS in Indian Languages. I found the demo very interesting – Shekhar demonstrated that even complex words when typed using English alphabets got converted perfectly into Hindi. I wish tools like those would start coming with default configuration on mobile phones.

Besides the above Tarun Matta presented his company’s flagship product – RockeTalk; A social networking tool for a mobile phone. Kunal ( provided some interesting statistics & his opinion of the near future for the mobile market.

Overall a good experience & thumbs up to the organizers for the meet.

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