Recent Website Changes (upto release 1.6)

In the last couple of days, I have made quite a few changes to my website. Some of the prominent ones that I remember are

a) Added Google Analytics to various pages
b) Beautified “Contact Me” page
c) Added a Map & Directions to reach my office as a separate link on “Contact Me” page
d) removed Contact Details from Home Page and moved it to “Contact Me” Section
e) Added a link for RAC & Linked In Profile in “Contact Me” Page
f) Built a form for developers who wish to work with me on projects accessible through “Contact Me” page.

Besides Google Analytics and the last item in the list, rest all other are cosmetic in nature. Though they involve only look and feel of pages, completing these tasks do take up a lot of my time. Now it’s quite a few days since I enabled analytics on my website through google I’m yet to analyze the data that it would have collected. I’m pretty sure the usage statistics might provide me with some useful information on how & which content is more popular on my website. I’ll definitely add to my blog if I stumble upon any interesting find through google analytics.

The last addition in the website involved building a web page that allowed developers to notify me that they wish to work with me. Ever since I started working as a free lancer, I have constantly been reminded by fellow developers that they can take some time out from their schedule to help me out. I’m sure there are other developers whom I don’t know yet but can team up with to work on a bigger & complex project. So I put up a page that basically allows me to reach out to these people.

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