Shifted Residence

Last weekend I shifted my residence to a new apartment complex, Vipul Greens in Gurgaon (Sohna Road). The complex is pretty new with very few families in the complex yet – In fact, the tower that I’m in has just another family besides ours at the moment. However, the number is going up gradually and I see a lot of apartments getting ready for their occupants.

The whole shifting process was very painful. More-over, the confusion created because of it got aggravated after one family member after another started falling ill – courtesy the chilly weather in Delhi since last 10 odd days. However things are getting back to normal and I hope by this weekend, we’ll have the house in order.

Though the apartment has some really good features & round the clock security but two significant problems that I found were

a) No support for fixed line yet – The new set of towers do not have telephone cables connected. For some reason the Builder decided to go with BSNL which is now taking its own time to get this done. Because of this we do not have a land-line yet & more importantly internet connectivity from home (I’ll be purchasing a data card for my lap-top to work around this problem for the time being)

b) Satellite TV not possible – I got Tata Sky people to install the TV unit only to learn that it is not possible to do so. They tell me that they don’t have a straight Line of sight (I guess pointing to their satellite) from my apartment and hence wouldn’t be possible to get it working right. I guess will have to continue with local Cable walla for the time being.

Overall its been a good experience so far.

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