Last couple of weeks, besides developing a salesforce application for one of my clients, I was also involved in building a new website – along with a couple of friends. Yesterday night (9th May’ 08) at around 10pm IST we moved the site from staging to live environment on our servers. Do have a look at the site and let me know your views.


Through, we intend to be bring various Services to our customers offering them un-paralleled customer service. To start-off we are doing a pilot in Gurgaon with Real Estate sector where we intend to reduce the pain involved in searching for an apartment at a negative cost to the end customer (we are offering cash back) . The way it works is pictorially described in the image below (click to expand).

We are also offering free APPLE IPODs for referrals. So if you know people who are looking out for an apartment in NCR region, do refer your friends here – if we are successful in helping out your friend, you will win a free IPOD shuffle delivered directly to your home.

The team is raring to go and our road map includes launching other services soon. If you wish to stay updated on the happenings, you might want to add to your Feed Reader.

4 thoughts on “Announcing

  1. It looks quite promising to me.Helpful indeed.Also, it would be nice, if you add the google maps API to show/browse it on map, while searching for the services. So, a person should have options to add the services directly on map.In fact there are lots of things which can be achieved using it. Keep up the good work & All the best !

  2. This is a great initiative and am an individual who respects entrepreneurs and some day, I shall be one :-).
    A few thoughts on this, though. I am currently looking for an apartment on rental through But, I still dont realise the complete benefit of going through your site, financially. Yes, there are chances of getting some cash through referrals, but that is left to chance. If I look at the complete cash flow while shifting apartments, the 3 big factors one looks for are:
    (1) Rentals of course
    (2) Brokerage
    (3) Shifting charges
    If I look at your model, can you get us the best rentals? Am yet to see that once I see the flats and rentals. On the brokerage, which pinches us most, both financially and emotionally (why the hell should I pay ONE MONTH rental brokerage to the broker?), your model is no different from the market except the 10% discount which, I dont know how long it is sustainable. Thirdly, the shifting charges are also high. Now, I am not sure if you are planning to bring down the brokerage charges and/or include shifting responsibility in your model. However, I believe this will be a big idea. Right now, the minor benefits I see is that the client would travel in the Chahiye cab and may get discounts on referrals. You may want to showcase a bigger benefit and this will create hype, provided, of course, this fits into your business model well.

  3. Hi Raghuvir,

    Thanks for taking time out and providing your valuable feedback.

    I completely understand & appreciate your point of view. We are actively working towards bringing down various costs involved for a tenant. However you would also agree that there is no magic here – we can only cut down costs by making the search process more optimal. This unfortunately is not something that can be done at software (website) level alone. There are other factors involved as well.

    Please be rest assured that we are working towards getting there.

    Guneet Sahai

  4. Hi Guneet,

    I’m a developer at in Bangalore and have been going through your blog. First of all, I love the UI of your website ( Did you do it yourself? Secondly, I think your online apartment search would be a better hit in a place like Bangalore. Here’s why :

    Bangalore has a huge number of migrants from other parts of the country (of course, because of the IT industry)….which means more people looking for houses on rent. On top of that, since these people are techies, they would love to use a website like yours. Moreover, people here have a language/culture barrier, which makes it hard for them to negotiate with the brokers,etc. Your site could really make life easier for them. Also, in Bangalore, the rate at which new startups get popular by word of mouth is astonishing.

    All the best !

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