BarCamp Delhi 4 was great

Bar Camp Delhi 4 just got over yesterday night. Came back home after the event around 10:30 pm saturday night richer with some new friends & a great experience.

This time I was a bit involved in organizing the event as well. It all started last weekend, when I got a call from Piyush Gupta (Co-Founder who wanted to know if I can help him out with organizing the event. To that I agreed only to realize that a lot of work was still to be done. With even the venue to be finalized, I remember telling him on the phone that I don’t think we will make it. I’m happy to acknowledge that I was wrong – BarCamp Delhi 4 happened and it happened well.

Last weekend; besides calling me, Piyush had called up few other guys as well. He pulled together this small team of people who wanted the event to happen and were willing to set aside some time from their schedule to contribute towards it. What was remarkable was that no-body in this team had ever met any body else but we could still all work on TODO items and get rid of them one by one.
When I had last checked at the registration desk (sometime around 4pm on the event day) there were around 180 people who had registered. The venue – Amit Campus had two locations for Bar Campers ; a Huge Auditorium and an Incubation Center comprising of various small rooms that were utilized for sessions. There were around 25 sessions there.
I had given a session too on Salesforce which went fine. Nirat’s session was well received as well. This time we did two new events called Bug Tales and Web Tweaks which went great. There were around 25 odd hard-core techies in a room where a lot of interesting bugs & tweaks were discussed. Two Ipods were given out too as prizes. had sponsored the stationary which included a really cool folder and a pad along with our fliers. A lot of people checked out our website during the event and gave good feedback. The good news is that almost everybody liked the design of the site.

One thought on “BarCamp Delhi 4 was great

  1. Guneet,

    Wonderful experience working with a virtual team and having seen them right a day in advance of the event.

    I personally appreciate your contribution and look forward to some bigger and better synergies.

    Will soon shoot a mail to our small but great BCD4 organizing team on BCD5 plans.

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