Salesforce Tutorial

With this post I intend to start a series, where I would talk about – salesforce unique on-demand application development and hosting platform.

I got introduced to salesforce around last week of January 2008 and was assigned a task to implement a CRM application that could talk to a website’s existing proprietary system. The first problem that I faced at the time of learning was the plethora of terms that were being used all over the place at salesforce website. There is good documentation available in chunks and pieces but it takes time to reach the right document. Once I figured out some terms and where to look for help, things became easier. I would attempt to demystify some of these terms through my upcoming posts.

The journey that I undertook in developing the application forced me to quickly discover features that offers. Unfortunately I made initial mistakes in choosing the right components/features to build my application. These mistakes could have been avoided had I been better educated about the platform features. Some of these upcoming posts would help readers avoid making these mistakes. After going live a couple of weeks ago, I also discovered some inherent strengths and weakness of the platform. This knowledge too I feel would be useful for many others.

I would aim to complete this series of posts in a week or two; therefore would target publishing one post in 2-3 days. I would be categorizing all these posts under the Category “salesforce“.

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