About My Blog

It feels odd to do this after 40 posts, but I guess I have been missing this post since a long time; so here it comes – what is my blog all about.

I’m basically a software developer @ heart, so essentially this blog will revolve around developing and using software. Being a freelancer & an entrepreneur I do get myself involved with various events & forums that are related to technology or entrepreneurship. I occasionally write about these events. I also sometime write about my thoughts; on anything and everything related to work. Lastly I occasionally write about startups (mostly around Delhi region) that I come across and are doing interesting work.

As also predicted in my introductory post here (more than a year ago), the frequency of my posts is not all that good. In this last 13 odd months, I have written 40 posts i.e. ~ 3 posts a month on an average. However since most of my posts are going to be about software they would be relevant for quite some time.

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