Hello World (again)

Its been more than 9 months since I last wrote on my blog (Time really flies doesn’t it?). In this post, I reflect back on what kept me busy during this period.

Sometime in May Last year I along with a friend started www.chahiye.info (see my earlier post here). Running a company certainly drains out a lot of energy from its founders, leaving absolutely no time for anything (writing blogs included). Another side-effect (of running a co) is that it leaves your bank accounts with lots of empty space. This obviously makes the whole process more painful and interesting at the same time. If time permits I hope to write another post about the experience & some gyan 🙂 sometime soon. It might make an interesting read.

Anyway a few weeks ago; with our bank accounts exhausted, we figured that it is critical to generate some cash to sustain ourselves & keep the company going. The only way I could help in that was to re-start my freelancing work (I had actively stopped working on projects a couple of months ago – wanted to devote all my time at chahiye). I was fortunate enough to get work real quickly. I am currently spending half of my day consulting on an interesting project & might just take up another one in PHP (I’m new to PHP and therefore looking forward to it). Resuming tech work again exposed me to interesting observations, which I plan to share with all here. Stay Tuned …..

Its good to be back !!!!!!

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