is now powered by wordpress

After moving my blog to wordpress, I realized that I don’t need a separate website any more {and hence can save on hosting fees}. WordPress is powerful enough to create a simple website using functionality offered out of the box at This post explains how I managed to do that. If you too want to setup a quick website on wordpress, Please read on ……..

WordPress allows you to change visual look and feel through something known as a theme. The idea is that you should be quickly allowed to modify the visual aspects of your site without worrying too much about. Applying a theme to a blog/site is a simple matter of a few clicks. When running off, it allows you to pick & choose any theme out of 75 really neat ones. Mostly one should find a theme that meets his/her needs. If you are running wordpress from a hosted machine; then you can even upload any theme that you bought or downloaded free from the web and use it. I settled after experimenting with a few for a theme called “Spring loaded” from the449.

Next Besides the blog, I wanted a set of links in the top navigation that would tell a visitor about me. WordPress has this neat concept of a Page which is basically a static HTML document. Once created, your theme can create a navigational set of links on top/left/right automatically. You can even select one of these pages as the default page when someone visits your website and have a separate link (blog) that points to your blog posts. For more information, refer to this wordpress support page.

Now the only piece remaining was pointing your domain to your wordpress account. This unfortunately is a premium feature and requires you to pay for it. However it is not very expensive as compared to hosting a website on your own. It costs something like $9.89 for a year. However you must change the name servers for your domain to those of wordpress. This article should help you out. With these basic set of changes, your website is up pretty quickly.

What do you think? How has your experience been with wordpress – it would be great if you can share it with other readers of this blog. Of-course any opinion on is welcome.

4 thoughts on “ is now powered by wordpress

  1. I did not get the part – ‘and requires you to pay for it’, its the domain host which require you to pay, right? wordpress does not care if you got the domain for free?

  2. Hi Tanvir, There are two separate steps here a) Buy a domain b) Pointing that to

    If you are hosting your blog at then b) would require you to shell out some money ($9.97/year to be precise) to wordpress. If however you are hosting your blog on a 3rd party server then of-course this doesn’t apply.

    Check out for more details

    Hope this helps

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