Joined Xebia

Beginning this month I joined a company called Xebia (

Xebia is an IT consultancy and project organization focusing on Enterprise Java technology, Agile development methods and outsourcing services. The India office is based out of Gurgaon on NH-8 (pretty close to where I live) & consists of a small team that is growing rapidly. Xebia also has presence in The Netherlands and France & I believe the biggest chunk in terms of work-force is in The Netherlands. So far I have  spent around two weeks in office and I think I made a good choice to join them. Some good points about Xebia that I could notice in this short duration are

  1. Everybody at Xebia (irrespective of the no of years of experience) writes code & people are pretty passionate about it.
  2. These guys practice Agile by the book which ensures daily progress & high productivity even with distributed teams (sometimes across 3 locations)
  3. A great work environment that is very developer focussed.
  4. There are a plenty of senior people around who have spent years in programming Enterprise Java. Working closely with them is definitely a good learning experience.
  5. My learning curve (Enterprise java) is already started to move North.

This also obviously means that I would no longer be working as a freelancer. I enjoyed my freelancing stint a lot (here’s why) , but it was a conscious decision to move away from it. Though Freelancing offers a lot of freedom in terms of work, but it also comes at a cost – There are times when you have more work than you can handle & similarly there are also times when you don’t have work & I’m not prepared enough to be sitting idle.

To summarize – Though I enjoyed freelancing but I’m equally happy & excited to move to Xebia & am really looking forward to have a good time at there.

One thought on “Joined Xebia

  1. Hey Guneet

    Good choice. Its good company, i heard about the Xebia. Its right a platform for you.

    Let me know if i can get chance work with you again 🙂

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