Changing Default Termainl Size on Ubuntu

I really wanted to change the default terminal size on my Ubuntu machine and was really irritated by the fact that I couldn’t set the size I wanted even after customizing “Profiles”. A quick search on google helped me reach the link which provided a decent solution towards the end of the thread there.

Quick Summary: Edit the file /usr/share/vte/termcap/xterm to modify the number of columns & rows there & restart all terminals. The relevant line in the file would look something like that shown below. To change the number of columns, change the co# number, in this case 80. To change the number of rows, change the li# number, in this case 24.


2 thoughts on “Changing Default Termainl Size on Ubuntu

  1. Guneet,
    Try Karmic Koala. I installed it and it has some cool eye-candy UI. I haven’t explored much of the other functionality though.

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