Delhi Half Marathon 2009 – I will be there

Just heard that Delhi Half Marathon 2009 is scheduled for Nov 1st and the event would be launched day after tomorrow. Source –

This year I’m again thinking of running the 1/2 marathon again. Had infact started training before I got hit by fever a couple of days ago. I have done half marathon in 2006 which was my first and had clocked 2:50 mins. This year I want to do this in less than 2:30.

Hello World (again)

Its been more than 9 months since I last wrote on my blog (Time really flies doesn’t it?). In this post, I reflect back on what kept me busy during this period.

Sometime in May Last year I along with a friend started (see my earlier post here). Running a company certainly drains out a lot of energy from its founders, leaving absolutely no time for anything (writing blogs included). Another side-effect (of running a co) is that it leaves your bank accounts with lots of empty space. This obviously makes the whole process more painful and interesting at the same time. If time permits I hope to write another post about the experience & some gyan 🙂 sometime soon. It might make an interesting read.

Anyway a few weeks ago; with our bank accounts exhausted, we figured that it is critical to generate some cash to sustain ourselves & keep the company going. The only way I could help in that was to re-start my freelancing work (I had actively stopped working on projects a couple of months ago – wanted to devote all my time at chahiye). I was fortunate enough to get work real quickly. I am currently spending half of my day consulting on an interesting project & might just take up another one in PHP (I’m new to PHP and therefore looking forward to it). Resuming tech work again exposed me to interesting observations, which I plan to share with all here. Stay Tuned …..

Its good to be back !!!!!!

OSS Camp 4 happening in Delhi on 21st June

oss-defaultOSSCamp Delhi Summer Edition is the fourth unconference in the OSSCamp series. It is a platform for promoting Open Source Projects from India. Details of the camp can be found at


Some of the sessions listed there definitely look interesting. I’m hoping to increase my gyaan on some of the open source products that I use/like.

Firefox 3 download to be made available tonight IST

Firefox 3 – the latest version of web browser from mozilla would be available for download tonight here. These guys are attempting a World Record by clocking 1 million downloads in the first 24 hours. By the no of pledges that they have received so far (~ 1.5 million) I wouldn’t be surprised if they manage to do it.


World Record or no, I’m really looking forward to this newer version of the web browser which apparently has a lot of improvements. I have tried the beta version and it *looked* great. Unfortunately didn’t use much since my add-ons were not supported. Hope that the release will come along with all popular add-ons

BarCamp Delhi 4 was great

Bar Camp Delhi 4 just got over yesterday night. Came back home after the event around 10:30 pm saturday night richer with some new friends & a great experience.

This time I was a bit involved in organizing the event as well. It all started last weekend, when I got a call from Piyush Gupta (Co-Founder who wanted to know if I can help him out with organizing the event. To that I agreed only to realize that a lot of work was still to be done. With even the venue to be finalized, I remember telling him on the phone that I don’t think we will make it. I’m happy to acknowledge that I was wrong – BarCamp Delhi 4 happened and it happened well.

Last weekend; besides calling me, Piyush had called up few other guys as well. He pulled together this small team of people who wanted the event to happen and were willing to set aside some time from their schedule to contribute towards it. What was remarkable was that no-body in this team had ever met any body else but we could still all work on TODO items and get rid of them one by one.
When I had last checked at the registration desk (sometime around 4pm on the event day) there were around 180 people who had registered. The venue – Amit Campus had two locations for Bar Campers ; a Huge Auditorium and an Incubation Center comprising of various small rooms that were utilized for sessions. There were around 25 sessions there.
I had given a session too on Salesforce which went fine. Nirat’s session was well received as well. This time we did two new events called Bug Tales and Web Tweaks which went great. There were around 25 odd hard-core techies in a room where a lot of interesting bugs & tweaks were discussed. Two Ipods were given out too as prizes. had sponsored the stationary which included a really cool folder and a pad along with our fliers. A lot of people checked out our website during the event and gave good feedback. The good news is that almost everybody liked the design of the site.

March’ 08 – Update

Last couple of weeks kept me really busy. I have been working on two different projects at the same time. The first one involved building an on-demand email centric application primarily over for a client. I’m nearing completion of phase – I of this project. The project provided good exposure to the capabilities of the platform provided by I intend to post more details of the project soon.

The other project that I haven’t talked about so far is that of my own. I (along with a couple of friends) am trying to put a web based solution that initially attempts to ease out some pain in from real-estate sector. We would be ready for a pilot in another 2-3 weeks. I would be posting more details about the project soon.

Shifted Residence

Last weekend I shifted my residence to a new apartment complex, Vipul Greens in Gurgaon (Sohna Road). The complex is pretty new with very few families in the complex yet – In fact, the tower that I’m in has just another family besides ours at the moment. However, the number is going up gradually and I see a lot of apartments getting ready for their occupants.

The whole shifting process was very painful. More-over, the confusion created because of it got aggravated after one family member after another started falling ill – courtesy the chilly weather in Delhi since last 10 odd days. However things are getting back to normal and I hope by this weekend, we’ll have the house in order.

Though the apartment has some really good features & round the clock security but two significant problems that I found were

a) No support for fixed line yet – The new set of towers do not have telephone cables connected. For some reason the Builder decided to go with BSNL which is now taking its own time to get this done. Because of this we do not have a land-line yet & more importantly internet connectivity from home (I’ll be purchasing a data card for my lap-top to work around this problem for the time being)

b) Satellite TV not possible – I got Tata Sky people to install the TV unit only to learn that it is not possible to do so. They tell me that they don’t have a straight Line of sight (I guess pointing to their satellite) from my apartment and hence wouldn’t be possible to get it working right. I guess will have to continue with local Cable walla for the time being.

Overall its been a good experience so far.

Firt Job Completed & got paid

Yesterday I got paid for the first job completed as a freelancer. I spent two weeks working on this project and built a Java application to simulate load for a .NET based web portal – Will provide details on the project shortly in a separate post.

Though the amount is not too big, but I have two reasons to feel good about it – a) It’s my first cheque working as a freelancer and therefore it is obviously special; b) based on this work I got a longer term project with the same client [22 hours a week for next 3 months]

Overall my first completed job experience has been pleasurable. I enjoyed working for this start up – interacting with their team allowed me exposure to a different style of work & am hoping to gather some knowledge of a new vertical in the near time to come.